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Property Transactions

We can protect your investment in buying or selling property through our expert knowledge of the real estate legal field. With our wide scope of experience, you can rest assured that you will receive the best legal help and advice when buying or selling property.


Legal Advice

In Australia, laws are complex and difficult to maneuver through without an expert’s skill and experience. No matter what you need legal advice about, we can provide the personalized help you need with our legal advice and consulting services.

Other Legal Services

E.K. Law Group is a general practice law firm. We offer a full range of legal services to all our clients. With us, you can be sure you will receive the best legal services.


Wills & Estates

Writing a will involves many unexpected questions and can bring up surprising legal difficulties. A will dispute is a process that is difficult – whether you are the challenger, the executor, or the beneficiary of the will. Our expert wills and estates lawyers can help you through the complex processes involving writing, challenging, or settling a will so you reach an agreeable outcome.

Commercial Law

With a focus on the legal and regulatory framework within which business operates, our team can assist in with all your commercial needs. Our Solicitors will assist you to navigate and overcome the legal hurdles you are likely to encounter in business. From establishing, companies and commercial partnerships to employment and consumer law our team is here to assist.

Power of Attorney & Guardianship

Whatever your situation, involving transferring or taking on guardianship of a minor or an elderly family member, let us help you make this process as smooth and fast as possible. We personalize our work to each of our cases, making sure each client receives the unique care and dedication they need.

Retail and Commercial Leasing

We act for Landlords and Tenants to review and prepare retail and commercial lesses. Entering into a lease is a big commitment. A lease forms the legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant. The terms of a lease will affect the profitability and surety of your business over a long period of time. Our team can assist with all your leasing needs and advise you on the long-term consequences for your business.



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At Norwest Conveyancing, we take our duty to preserve justice seriously. Each of our client’s cases is unique and we respect that by tailor-fitting our services and expertise to your case.

We are a local firm in North Rocks, NSW, dedicated to helping families, businesses, and individuals within our community get the best legal help possible in all areas of their life, from family law to property transactions and everything in between. . . .


Each member of our legal team is an expert in their field, with years of experience and the degree of skill and professionalism you expect from a premium law firm.

Emma Kay O’Callaghan

Principal Solicitor

Nagisa Kumagai


Carolyn Hutchings

Conveyancer Paralegal

Karlene Nicolle Hall

Solicitor - Dip Law (LPAB)

Lily Yu

Conveyancer Paralegal

Vicki Norton




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